• Željka Lj. Babić University of Banja Luka Faculty of Philology English Department



corpora, B&H newspapers, trust, confidence, news values


This paper approaches the notion of truth( fulness) within the written media discourse, namely the three B&H daily newspapers. Aimed at researching computeraccessible online articles published in the chosen three time frames, the paper focuses on narratives containing the keyphrase “Alan Šeranić” and the representation of the notions of values of trust and confidence found in extracts which contain both the chosen keyphrase and examples of news values. The results show that the attitude towards the researched keyphrase changes both in accordance with the time frames of its use and in accordance with the geographical area of the publication source.


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Corpora (online newspaper articles downloaded from May 2020 until March 2022):

Glas Srpske (GS)

Oslobođenje (O)

Večernji list (VL)




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