Reflections on Theory and Criticism of the ‘Literary Egoʼ. A Comparative Study


  • Stefano Bottero Sapienza University of Rome


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Ego, subject, literary, phenomenology, theory, comparative, literature.


The purpose of this essay is to deepen philosophical and critical issues related to the ‘literary Ego’ by articulating the conceptual and theoretical premises of a contemporary corpus. To date, the subject of my study lacks a relative critical literature which is epistemologically developed starting from the philosophical component. In the essay, a thematic reading of the materials relating to the literary subject was actualised, which led to the development of an equally comparative-formal and theoretical-literary discourse. What has been deduced is a character of profound interconnection between the insights offered by reading the essence of the ‘literary Ego’ as an empirical and phenomenological res. In conclusion, an attempt was made to highlight the concreteness of this character, which offers the starting point for further studies.




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